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Hello Sherlockians!

Thank you for visiting the Sherlock Holmes Tartan website!  I'm excited to show you the Sherlock Holmes Tartan and how I have designed clothes to match Sherlock's wardrobe (and perhaps something Mrs Hudson may like too!).

Based in Edinburgh, I am the proud step-great-great-granddaughter of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I decided to design a unique tartan for the most famous detective worldwide - Sherlock Holmes! Finding the right muted colours to make a tartan to be worn by both men and women was an enjoyable process. It's also a tartan I can see Sherlock wearing and feeling comfortable in, while still solving many mysteries.

The tartan has been well received and endorsed by the Conan Doyle Estate, and has gained interest from Sherlockians worldwide!

Logo showing Arthur Conan Doyle

I hope that there is something on the website which you would like to purchase and feel proud to wear as a Sherlockian.  Over time I will be adding other items, so please keep coming back to the website but please don't tell Moriarty!!

Magnifying Glass

If you have any comments or suggestions about products you feel are missing (where is your magnifying glass Sherlock!), do let me know.



My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know.
— Sherlock Holmes

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